Throughout the month of May we will be offering £10 blood pressure checks with a qualified nurse for our feline friends.

Feline hypertension (high blood pressure) is common in older cats and can be associated with many other diseases (kidney disease, hyperthyroidism & heart disease).

Consequences of long term hypertension can be severe, affecting the eyes, brain, heart and kidneys, despite very few outward changes.

Early diagnosis followed by appropriate treatment can help to reduce these consequences.


50% of cats with high blood pressure will develop issues with the eyes

10 – 25% of cats with hyperthyroidism will have high blood pressure

Up to 65% of cats with kidney disease will have high blood pressure

20% of cases will have underlying cause (this is classed as idiopathic)

60 – 100% of cats will respond to treatment

Please call any of our three branches to book your appointment with one of our qualified veterinary nurses.