It is vital that all horses are vaccinated against Influenza and Tetanus, we unfortunately see too many horses suffering from these otherwise preventable diseases.

Horses may be vaccinated from 5 months old.

First primary vaccine Day 0

Second primary 21 – 92 days after the first

First booster 150 – 215 days after the second

Thereafter annual boosters should be carried out on or before the anniversary of the vaccination. A single day after will result in the whole process having to be restarted.


If your horse is not competing, annual vaccines are required but the dates are not as strict.

Tetanus is a devastating disease and is common after any injury which breaks the skin as the bacteria is ubiquitous in the environment. Therefore, we strongly recommend routine vaccination is also carried out against tetanus.

Vaccination reminders are issued by the hospital. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their animals’ vaccinations are up to date. The hospital will not be held liable for missed vaccinations.

Other vaccines available:

Equine Herpes Virus

Health Checks

A thorough health assessment of your horse is performed at each vaccination free of charge. This includes a dental check and full systems evaluation. Any specific health problems may be discussed with your vet.

In addition to a health check, we offer advice on worming and general preventative health care for your horse.

Together with more specific blood tests, we offer a general blood profile which is run in house to assess liver and kidney function. This test also assesses any anaemia or white blood cell abnormality. We recommend this in any sick horse and in all more geriatric patients!

Blood tests can also aid in the investigation of “poor performance” or “loss of condition”. Please ask for advice if you feel that this may be appropriate to your horse.