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Ollie - slug bait poisoning

Ollie is an 8 year old West Highland White Terrier.  He presented to us as an emergency one Friday night after being seen eating slug pellets in the garden.  He came in seizuring, which is a side effect after ingestion of metaldehyde. (the main ingredient in slug pellets).  Ollie was hospitalised and sedated to try and control his seizures.  After 12 hours of sedation and critical monitoring Ollie's drug doseages were decreased to try and wake him up and assess his responses.  Ollie slowly started to wake up but then unfortunately started to seizure again throughout the Saturday and so he was again placed into an induced coma.

Critical, intensive nursing was continued throughout by our dedicated team.  By early hours on the Sunday morning Ollie was again weaned off from his drugs and this time managed to wake without seizuring, his breathing tube was removed on the Sunday morning.

By the Sunday evening Ollie had started eating small amounts and was walking out in to the garden slowly with only a small amount of twitching - which is the residual neurological signs.
We are so pleased to report that Ollie went home on the Monday morning and we continued to monitor his blood levels for a period of time after he went home.

The images show Ollie whilst in his induced coma and then once home and recovered!

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