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Kitkat - road traffic accident

Kitkat is a 9 year old British Shorthair cat.  On the 19th September she returned home bleeding from her mouth, with her mouth held open and her eye bulging.  She had unfortunately been hit by a car and suffered severe facial trauma.  On presentation to our duty Vet, Lauren Smith, Kitkat's breathing was slightly laboured with crackly sounds on auscultation of her lungs, this was due to bruising.  Kitkat was immediately admitted for intravenous fluid therapy, to help stabilise her shock, pain relief and her airways were cleared of blood.  She was settled into an oxygen tent until her breathing improved when she was then transferred to our cat ward for continued critical care monitoring by our 24 hour nursing team.  
By the next day Kitkat was brighter and more comfortable and even purring!  So a CT scan was performed to establish the extent of her injuries and enable our Vets to make a treatment plan.  The results of the CT scan revealed Kitkat had suffered multiple fractures to her face including the zygomatic arch (eye socket), mandible (lower jaw), a cleft hard palate, multiple fractures to the nasal cavity and many more to her skull.  The decision was made to wire her bottom jaw, to aid the fracture to heal in the correct position, and to place a feeding tube.
Over the next few weeks Kitkat remained hospitalised with us where our nurses fed her, via the tube into her oesophagous, on a feeding regime tailored to her body condition requirements.  They also administered her medication, changed her dressings and gave lots of TLC!  Once the swelling to her jaw had reduced Kitkat was able to start taking some solids, by mouth, in between her tube feeds and at this time the decision was made for her to go home for her owners to continue with her care and tube feeding.
8 weeks post trauma Kitkat finally came in for both the wire in her jaw and feeding tube to be removed!! We are so pleased to report that Kitkat is now doing really well.
Kitkat has been through so much and her recovery has taken a great deal of time and dedication from both our team and her owner's, which has now resulted in her successful recovery.  

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