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Chester - CT scan and ear canal surgery

Chester is a 13 year old Border Terrier.  He has suffered with ear disease for most of his life and has spent a great deal of time in and out of the vets for ear treatment.

By January of this year Chester had reached the stage where his ears had suffered so many infections that the skin had become thickened.  His ear canals were also so stenosed (narrowed) that we were unable to view them with the otoscope any longer. He was also, again, suffering from an infection with pus present.

A TECA procedure (total removal of the ear canals) was advised by our Veterinary Surgeons but the owners were, understandably, a little reluctant due to this being such major surgery for Chester to go through.

At this time we had just received delivery and installation of our new Toshiba CT scanner, therefore the owners decided to have a CT image of Chesters head performed in order to view the inside of his ears to ensure surgery was the most appropriate treatment option.

A CT scan was performed (please click on the CT image to view markers) which confirmed that both his ear canals had been damaged and obliterated by diseased tissue and that his middle ear was full of pus.

This CT scan confirmed for the owner that a TECA was in fact the most appropriatenext course of action and a surgery date was booked.

Martin Hobbs and Penny Barnard-Brown operated on Chester together to remove his left and right ear canals. Surgery was successful and after a few days of hospitalisation for intensive nursing and pain relief he was allowed to go home.


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