Case Studies


Baxter with a tongue stick injury

This is Baxter, he came into the Sevenoaks Veterinary Surgery after his owner reported he was not quite right after his walk in the woods that morning.

Paul the vet saw Baxter in consultation where he seemed very unwilling to move his neck around, which was also slightly swollen.

After Paul's concern for a foreign body in Baxter's throat, he was admitted for general anaesthetic to perform a more thorough examination.

To all the staff's amazement once under anaesthetic a large hole was found at the base of Baxter's tongue. Paul used some artery forceps to feel inside, at which point he removed a stick about 7cm long from the hole.

Baxter recovered well after his wound was flushed and he was able to go home on the same day with some medication. Although Baxter does not normally play with sticks, this highlights the damage they can cause. Please take care next time your dog thinks a stick is a good toy to play with!

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